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OK, so margaritas aren't necessarily the most healthy drink on the planet nor that great for pregnant women ;) , afterall they contain strong alcohol! But, wow, if you're in the mood for a "drink" try this amazing recipe. It's a homemade favorite and all raw {minus the tequila - but hey - it's from the agave plant, right?}  and MUCH MUCH better than any restaurant margi! If you miss being able to sip on them, try one of mine! 

{I have a confession: I craved margaritas my ENTIRE first pregnancy. Never had one sip, but the day I birthed my baby at home, my mom had a fresh batch waiting for me! I know, I'm sooo bad! But a margarita never tasted so good after a LONG hard day and 9 months! - not sure I never thanked you for that, mom}

yields: 1 {maybe a touch more}

1/2c lime juice {about 8 limes}
1/2c white {expensive} tequila
1/8c cointreau
sweetener of choice {optional - I use agave}
salt, for glass rims
ice, lots

Using a hand held {or other} citrus juicer, squeeze lemons into a measuring cup until you are at about 1/2 cup {note: this is for an individual margarita for more just double or triple the amounts}! Then add tequila and cointreau and mix. Add agave if you want to, otherwise it's super tart, but still really refreshing. Dip your glass into the mixture, then salt it. Add tons of ice! 

You can also play around with these, choose lemon instead of lime and add mint. OR, use orange juice in place of any sweeteners! YUM!

Cheers! {image via}