Fresh Homemade Almond Milk

Mmmmmmm. One of my favorite things in the WORLD is nut milk!


1 c Almonds (or nut of choice, like cashews)
3 c Water
Agave to taste
1/2 Vanilla Bean (optional - but in my house it's mandatory)

Put the almond and water in a blender, add vanilla bean seeds and agave. Blend on high until pretty smooth. Then (you'll need a mesh strainer, like the one pictured below) strain the chunks out using a tight wired strainer or cheese cloth.

Or you can get a nut milk bag made especially for making nut milks.

I like to drink it plain and cold, so I add ice to the final product and then remove the ice after a few minutes. OR you can serve it over your favorite bowl of GRAWNOLA or use it in tea.

If this seems odd to you, try it and then tell me what you think!


images via: honey, porcelain jug, spilt milk image is from the cutest blog ever - local lemons.