Launch of BasilHealth + Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins

For the past few months I have been working my tails off, with a few other, wonderful ladies, getting content together for the launch of BasilHealth. It's not often a tech company fuses the topics of natural living and disease prevention with medical research science and medicine. This is a very forward-thinking company that I'm proud to be apart of.

BasilHealth will be sharing even more very innovative things come Fall. But for now they are content only. As a main health and lifestyle contributor, I must admit, the content is pretty darn exciting {wink}. Each week we are sharing gluten-free recipes, releasing the latest health news, talking about our favorite products and also interviews with some of the coolest influencers. 

Check us out...and keep up to date with all the news and recipes by signing up. I also run the pinterest account - so follow us there as well! 

My strawberry rhubarb gluten-free muffins are kid- and adult- approved. Get the recipe over on the BasilHealth website

I'm also doing a ton of interviews with some of the coolest most inspiring health gurus out there. If you have any contacts or suggestions let us know. 



Matcha {superfood} Frappe

Boy oh boy have things been busy. Between moving (which is really the worst thing ever), renovating, Summertime means three kiddos at home, and a bunch of freelance work, things have been INSANE around here, to say the least. 

Somehow I still have some time to cook (we all have to eat at some point still). And today I am on the Honest blog sharing my favorite Summertime cool-off drink: Matcha Frappe.

I first had something similar to this at a new juice bar in my neighborhood. It was $9 or $10 - yikes - so I thought I'd better start making something like it at home. Turns out it's really easy. Essentially it's just homemade almond milk {homemade is the key}, matcha, ice and sweetener of your choice. I love xylitol in this recipe. But coconut sugar works, agave, or even just sugar in the raw. 

For full recipe and details, check out the Honest Company blog ----->

Friday Favorites : Snacks Drinks + Supplements

It's Friday...Hooray...

And I'm sharing some fun things that have come my way in the past few weeks. Summer is upon us and we need to start thinking about beach and road trip snacks. Here are a few PUREmamas approved items for your bag. 

First, Alicia Silverstone teamed up with Garden of life to create a new line of supplements: myKind Organics.  designed for vegetarians and vegans, they make a B12 spray, D vitamin, a men's multi and woman's multi. Even better is a new prenatal multi. 

Califia launched a new line of dairy-free coffee drinks! Woohoo! I swear, my biggest dairy indulgence weakness is HALF + HALF in coffee! 

That's It. What's it? THAT'S IT! Haha. Ok, ok, that's cheesy, I'll stop. What's cheesy? Ok, now I'm really gonna stop. That's It bars are really really good. On my way back from Park City, Utah last month I ate two of these bars while I was in line at Starbucks. They were that good. All that's in these things are fruit...fruit dehydrated into a bar. The only complaint I have is that they aren't yet ORGANIC{? - hoping that will change}!  

And yet another way to get your probiotics. Acidophilus found in cultured/fermented foods are important for gut health - which is crucial for healthy immune systems. With the over use of antibiotics It's one of those things we need more than ever. I remember when probiotics were only found in dairy and came in the form of capsules and yogurt. Cultured veggies, kombucha, kefir, and now Kevita Tonics are on the shelves at all the local health food stores - that's a huge step in the right direction!

Last but not least, I heart Keenwah is a new line of gluten-free snacks that are made with quinoa instead corn and rice. They have a super hard/crunchy texture that most of the "puffs" don't typically have. They come a few different flavors; I would buy these over pirate booty any day! YUM!

Now get out and go enjoy your Friday! XOXO


Taco Tuesday In a Bowl + Chia Blackberry Jam

This month over at The Honest Company, I'm giving the Taco Salad a clean makeover! And berry jam a new twist


For full recipe and more photos, please visit the Honest Company blog! Happy Taco Tuesday! 


Also, over at the Honest Company,  I'm sharing my chia seed jam recipe! Check it out...

t's full antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and wonderful plant based fatty acids. No cane sugar or gelatins required and super simple to make. Hooray!