This is my happy place where I share plant-filled, gluten-free, {refined} sugar-free, dairy-free {mostly}  recipes that can be enjoyed by the entire family. It's a very kid-friendly place where families can explore whole food recipes, wellness and natural health remedies at their own pace without pressure, judgement or criticism. Come on in and join me in sharing everything plant-based, tasty and beautiful. 

Yes, this blog is filled with clean, whole/real food recipes. But we also talk natural beauty products/regimes, cool products, modern decor, pregnancy, babies, kids and healthy eating for the whole family. Homemade is always better than canned or packaged. Kids' snacks in particular are filled with unnecessary food dyes, corn syrup, refined sugar and all sorts of other weird flavorings and preservatives that can hinder their optimal growth, learning, and sportsmanship. It's important to encourage children to reach for fresh fruits and vegetables. And if that's not an option then at least make wise choices when choosing their snacks.  

Best of judgement here! Feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts. 

Our recipes are vegetarian but all the dishes on our site can be enjoyed as sides to your steak or fish. Paleo friends are welcome. Just because I don't eat meat, doesn't mean you shouldn't. We are just passionate foodies here that favor plants over animals.  

Best of health, creativity and happiness to you!

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Juli Novotny Bio

In high school I was the head pastry chef at a popular coffee shop near my house. I was obsessed with food and baking since age 13. So much that I used to have friends over before school {yep, at about 5:30a, it was still dark outside} for organic lattes and healthy scones. As a curious young baker I'd always cringe as I would pour loads of sugar, white flour and vegetable oils into a bowl and then serve it as breakfast. Is this really what we eat for breakfast? Sugar and white flour? That always bothered me. So I experimented with recipes and made my own healthy pastries and cookies at home and also became a vegetarian during my high school hippy phase {let's be friends with animals, no eat them!}

Out of high school I decided not to go to culinary school or focus on health food/nutrition because I didn't want to lose my passion for it. I figured it would be best to keep it as a hobby. After graduating from UCLA with a BA in communications I - of course - started a vegan gluten-free organic food company,  Kookie Karma, in Santa Monica, CA. When you love doing something, you just can't try and ignore it. I was so passionate about baking healthier pastries that I felt good about serving as breakfast! I then decided it was time to get my masters in nutrition, of course! I never actually finished the last semester of my schooling because running a food company took all of my time but boy did I learn a lot. My business was featured in In Style Magazine, Yogi Times, C California, and more. 

Now age 33 - no longer running a small business but with 10 years of small business experience under my belt - I'm living in Southern California with my husband and three little kids {Pierce and Roman - just 12 months apart and Merrick, age 9mo}. I continue to run my blog {launched in 2009} and consult for companies like Honest Company and BasilHealth. My writing and recipes have been featured on Huffington Post, Fitness Magazine and more. I am extremely passionate about kids' nutrition and making healthy foods choices. I think it's just as important for them to create healthy habits as it is for us adults. We need more education out there and more creative recipes for kids. 

Next to healthy cooking, my passions also include graphic and interior design. We have renovated two homes in the last three years. 

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