You are thinking about getting healthy; whether you're trying to get fit, overcome a disease, or maybe you're just getting "older",  or you're curious about the plant-based diet or tired of killing animals just to eat your dinner. 

Either way, you landed here on my site, which means you're at least thinking about taking your health in a new direction. 

Whether your vegan or paleo doesn't matter; I believe fresh homemade food (less of the packaged, bottled, salty oily processed junk) is the most important first step towards optimal nutrition.

I hope you find inspiration here to do that. If so, please comment or tag me on instagram or facebook. I love seeing everybody's creations and their progress.

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In high school I was the head pastry chef at a popular coffee shop near my house. I have been obsessed with coffee, baking and vegetarianism since I was 13 years old [that's when I decided to stop eating meat]. I loved baking so much that I used to invite friends over before school started [yes it was still dark outside] for homemade lattes and scones.

But as a traditional style baker the healthy side of me would cringe as I poured loads of sugar, white flour and vegetable oils into a bowl, bake it and then serve it to people as "breakfast": Is this really what we eat for breakfast? Sugar and white flour? That always bothered me.

So throughout college I experimented with recipes, cooking for my starving roommates and friends. I began making my own unique healthy cookies and muffins. 

After graduating from UCLA school of communications [journalism with minor in English] I couldn't deny my love for cooking any longer so I started a vegan, gluten-free, organic snack food company, Kookie Karma, in Santa Monica, CA. I simultaneously studied for my Masters in Holistic Nutrition. I was 75% of the way done when my company started to take off and I had to concentrate on that instead. I ran that business full time for over 11 years. Hands on business development is always better than any kind of masters degree in my opinion.

Since then I have been consulting for health food start-ups, doing graphic design, web design, photography and recipe development for other like-minded rad companies.  

Kookie Karma products were featured in Whole Foods Markets and select health food stores internationally. 

Now age 37 I'm living in Southern California with my tribe and cooking up a storm in my little kitchen. My kids now help me with cooking and are are on a unique health journey of their own. We all eat mainly plants at home.  

I just finished an intensive course in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University online.


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